Proof That the Loch Ness Monster Exists?

By | August 28, 2009

This amazing image on Google Earth could be the elusive proof that the Loch Ness Monster exists.

Sun reader Jason Cooke spotted “Nessie” while browsing the Web site’s satellite photos.

The shape seen on the surface of the 22-mile Scottish loch is 65ft long and appears to have an oval body, a tail and four legs or flippers.

Some experts believe Nessie may be a Plesiosaur, an extinct marine reptile with a shape like the Google image.

“This is really intriguing. It needs further study,” said researcher Adrian Shine, of the Loch Ness Project.

Sightings have been claimed for centuries.

To see the object, enter co-ordinates Latitude 57°12’52.13″N, Longitude 4°34’14.16″W in Google Earth.

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Looks like a squid, but I’d guess it is some debris.   Hard to say without seeing it moving. Anyone have the answer on this?

4 thoughts on “Proof That the Loch Ness Monster Exists?

  1. Patrick

    My first thought was that the object was just a typical overhead shot of a boat leaving behind some radiating wake pattern.

  2. dogsounds

    You can see the square stern of the boat – just a little cruiser whizzing about the loch. Nothing to see here.

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