Professor Flagg Miller on the 2009 Bin Laden tape

By | January 16, 2009

Professor Flagg Miller on the 2009 Bin Laden tapeBased on a newspaper article about his funeral, one or more fake Bin Laden videos and statements from high ranking officials in various countries (Saudis, Bhutto, Musharraf, etc.) that he is dead or is most likely dead, I have believed for some time that Bin Laden is, in fact, long gone.  Therefore, when this  latest tape of Bin Laden was released, my first assumption was that it is a hoax. Nevertheless, we must always challenge our assumptions with the best available evidence.

Professor Flagg Miller whom I interviewed previously is in possession of the world’s largest collection of Osama Bin Laden audio tapes, given to him by the FBI.  When we spoke last, he thought it was odd that Bin Laden had not released a tape referencing the latest US elections.  I wrote to him yesterday to see what he thinks about the latest tape.


… Is this Bin Laden? Is it recent? Not just an excerpt of something on the tapes you have?

Voice | Transcript


I downloaded the video yesterday from a website. The tape offers new insights on recent events (as news sources report), and is totally in keeping with his voice and style, so I do think we still have a wild man in the hills.

Professor Miller has spent countless hours listening to the real Bin Laden. If he says the new tape matches Bin Laden’s voice, then I’m sure it does.  So, Bin Laden is either alive, or we are forced to resort to belief in secret technology that can make one person sound like another person, something that is good enough to fool an expert…  A recent sharp clear video would be the most convincing evidence.

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