Professional Cryptozoologist: Dragons Exist.

By | March 24, 2006

Professional Cryptozoologist Dragons Exist

There’s a perception that you could be a bunch of eccentrics. Can you dispel it?
I do not do this as a hobby. It is my profession. I am a qualified and professional zoologist. I was the head of reptiles at one of Britain’s biggest zoos and have studied more than 400 species. I’m not an amateur. …

So, do dragons exist?
Yes, but probably in more than one form. Dragons are the most universal of all monsters. There are cave paintings going back more than 5,000 years. They also appear in every culture on Earth. It’s a complicated tapestry of strands rather than one creature, in one place, at one time. People still report seeing dragons today and now they are less easy to explain away. At the core of all this, I think there is at least one very large, very frightening reptile still unknown to science. It probably exists in Asia.

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  1. Josh

    I’m helping my daughter do s school paper and on a whim, I decided to throw this subject in. Could you please supply some resources you use(d) to support this theory?

    Josh Davis

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