Probe Crashes into Moon, Returns Pictures: SMART-1 impact update

By | September 5, 2006

Probe Crashes into Moon Returns Pictures SMART-1 impact update

This beautiful image of the lunar surface was taken on 2 September 2006 by the AMIE camera on board SMART-1 during the last few orbits prior to Moon impact, and shows a heavily cratered region of the Moon. This view was captured during the imaging session which took place bewteen 15:19 and 17:34 CEST (17:19 – 19:34 UT). – more

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  1. Xeno

    There is a photo, but no evidence is visible.

    This image, taken by the advanced Moon Imaging Experiment (AMIE) on board ESA?s SMART-1 spacecraft, shows the Apollo 11 landing site in the Mare Tranquillitatis on the Moon.

    AMIE obtained the image on 5 February 2006 from a distance of 1764 kilometres from the surface, with a ground resolution of 159 metres per pixel. The imaged area is centred at a longitude of 23.9? East close to the Moon equator, at 1.7? latitude. A ‘clean’ version of the image can be downloaded here (1888_40C_hi.TIF).

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