Primates ‘face extinction crisis’

By | August 5, 2008

A global review of the world’s primates says 48% of species face extinction, an outlook described as “depressing” by conservationists.

The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species says the main threat is habitat loss, primarily through the burning and clearing of tropical forests. More than 70% of primates in Asia are now listed as Endangered, it adds. The findings form part of the most detailed survey of the Earth’s mammals, which will be published in October.

Other threats include hunting of primates for food and the illegal wildlife trade, explained Russell Mittermeier, chairman of global conservation group IUCN’s Primate Specialist Group and president of Conservation International. “In many places, primates are quite literally being eaten to extinction,” he warned. “Tropical forest destruction has always been the main cause, but now it appears that hunting is just as serious a threat in some areas, even where the habitat is still quite intact.” – bbc

Well, there is a little good news. 1) You can help the orangutans by not using products with Palm Oil unless the oil comes from domestic sources. 2) A 125,00 Gorillas were just found. You know what I’m about to say don’t you? If 125,00 Gorillas can stay hidden, how about a handfull of bigfoot?

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