Presidential Debates Tonight and I Don’t Care

By | October 23, 2012

Presidential Debates Tonight and I Don't CareWhich owner would you like, slaves? The red one or the blue one?

Both will take and squander your money and your rights. Neither will honor his oath to the constitution. Both will continue to kill innocent people by remote control with drones, to imprison people without trials and to put the pursuit of money ahead of the betterment of humanity.

Corporate military industrial interests have already won the presidential election by preselecting two of their own people you are allowed to select as your new king.

Take this false choice circus act somewhere else. I’ve seen it before and I’m done with it.

Give me a president who gives us a revolution, not more of the same dead end disease.

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  1. jim carlin

    he who is unwiling to participate in the afairs f state
    gets what they diserve – aristotle
    wote-stay informed-there is no freedom without responsibility

  2. jim carlin

    if you leave change up to revolutionaries
    you may end up with a castro
    getting people to work toward long term goals
    is difficult and d— slow

  3. stowaway

    This is why we need to get the internet buzzing about third parties NOW so that next election the people will think it’s a viable option. The mainstream media – even those organization with a reputation for being unbiased – have completely ignored the other candidates and then their pundits say they just have no chance of winning… as though their role in informing the conversation isn’t directly responsible for the viability of the candidates. Most people don’t even know there ARE other candidates.

    This year I’ll be voting for Jill Stein or Gary Johnson, even though I know they have no chance of winning. The big money stranglehold on politics has just gone too far.. you know, to the point of literally handcuffing Jill Stein to a chair so she couldn’t participate in the debate. Even though the democratic party (on the surface) more accurately represents my views than the republican party, it’s clear that our elections are rigged and I’m refusing to vote for these puppets.

  4. Litestyle0o

    I don’t claim to have all the answers, but I agree with most of what is said here, both in comments & the original article. One idea for the short term is to encourage voting with BLANK BALLOTS stating we have no real candidates to vote for. Besides that the presidential election doesn’t even care who the population votes for, it’s the electoral vote who actually elects the face-man for America.

    One of the most likely solutions is to stop playing the class systems games. Stop using currency & debt allocation. Stop keeping track & start growing & managing resources wisely.
    Spread the wealth of a natural lifestyle, of love, abundance based on nature & health rather than greed & competition. Work together instead of against each other.

    If we were to elected a BUM/HOBO/Homeless person as a president, he/she’d probable be much more likely to help the struggling lower class. But all we do is elect the richest most greedy people who are basically elite actors… I’m done with this system & have already started my own.

    Infinite Peace & Love to All.

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