Prehistoric monster terrorises kids in the Ganges

By | September 2, 2009

ancientfishIndian paleontologists are heading to Calcutta in West Bengal after locals claimed to have fished a prehistoric Coelacanth out of the water.

Coelacanths were believed to have been extinct since the end of the Cretaceous period until the first specimen was found off the east coast of South Africa in 1938.

Since then they have been found in the Comoros, Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique and Madagascar.

But the experts are trying to work out how what would be the biggest ever Coelacanth specimen weighing 320 kilos came to be floating down the Ganges.

The fish, eight feet long and three feet wide, had a cut on its stomach and some of the fins had been torn free.

Official stands by kids who raised the alarm saying: “Initially we thought that a big sea animal was coming to devour us, it was only when we got out the water we realised it was dead.”

Experts believe that if it is a Coelacanth in the fish may have been caught and dumped by fishermen as it almost worthless because the flesh exudes oils even when dead, giving the flesh a foul flavour and a disgusting smell.

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4 thoughts on “Prehistoric monster terrorises kids in the Ganges

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  2. Sean Meaney

    Only slightly smaller than the big groper found in Darwin Harbour. If they swam the same waters when India was in close proximity to Australia, it is likely they come from the same family branch.

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  4. Kenneth Miln

    Just a large specimen of the BHEKTI Fish (Lates “Gangeticus”) Many large Bhekti used to inhabit the Hooghly river, from the Bay of Bengal up to one hundred miles up river into freshwater. I have caught them on Rhui bait-fish near to the township of Chandernagore (Chandanugger in Bengali) 1947.

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