Dry Ice Bombs and YouTube

By | August 13, 2006

Dry Ice Bombs and YouTubeThere are perhaps 100 different videos showing “dry Ice bombs” on sites like YouTube. Fun stuff, but don’t be stupid. Some kids have already been seriously injured. Luckily YouTube removed this one where a kid straps a dry ice bomb to his head.

“Never underestimate how fast a bottle will explode, as it could have unseen weaknesses.” – wwwavenger

“…A friend of mine took a chunk in the -neck-, they had to take him to ER to get it out… his ass was lucky it didn’t go in very deep…” – Kirzen

“empty two litre soda bottle 69 cents.
Duct tape and helmet $3.00
Dry ice $1.00
Almost blowing off your dumb friends head off at the expense of online laughs…. PRICELESS!”

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