Pravda’s Top 10 Ghost Photos

By | October 26, 2006

Pravdas Top 10 Ghost Photos

7 thoughts on “Pravda’s Top 10 Ghost Photos

  1. rachel

    omg thats reall creepy, but it looks alittle real to me. i belive in the paranormal. but this looks like a real little girl who’s pocture was taken bya bad camera.

  2. Livie

    that is realy freeky!!! my house is haunted so i totaly believe that pic is real. i actualy saw a ghost named ram in my room and i can talk to them ive got most of the like 30 ghosts in my house handeled. pic totaly real.

  3. Nikita

    tha pic looks like a lil girl nd it does not look like a boy nd where waz this place nd do u kno tha name of tha ghost

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