Power Generation Unit Thoughts + California HOAs and Solar Panels

By | March 8, 2008

My unit should be no bigger than a trash compactor. It must be safe and clean. Quiet would also be nice too. Power output: 2,000 Watts of electricity per hour would work.

xa1005_l.jpg“When Bob Hammond built a house near Prescott, Arizona, he decided to get off the utility grid. To do so, he designed a home that uses only about 885 kWh of electricity a year, a fraction of the 9,300 kWh of neighboring homes. He turned to photovoltaic (PV) solar panels to generate electricity from direct sunlight, designing a 1,400 W system that is totally independent of the utility power grid.” – hypertextbook

I may need one of these, some batteries, and then a way to charge them. Ha! According to this, our California Civil Code Sections 714 and 714.1 say Home Owner’s Associations MUST allow you to put solar panels on your roof, but they can restrict what kind you get. That’s they way I read it anyway.

Solar power facts.

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