The War Rages on, gets worse.

By | June 10, 2006

The War Rages on gets worseFines for the display of nipples have now increased tenfold. There are no fines at all for displaying a bloody dead person. Speaking of which, some sources have been blathering on about how the 1000 lbs of bombs we dropped on al-Zarqawi were carefully planned to avoid collateral damage (killing innocent people). Yet this is not exactly true, is it? No one is debating the fact or saying much about the fact that our US laser-guided bombs also killed some women and a little girl around 8 years old. If they knew where Zarqawi was, why use bombs? Why not drop some guys with wings strapped to their backs to go in and shoot him and thus avoid killing an innocent kid? When there are so many little lies (like they neglected to tell us they beat him to death when the bombs didn’t kill him), and when the violence just increases after killing Zarqawi, it all just reinforces my main belief: This whole war is tragic and stupid.

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  1. showerhead

    Yeah, but… I’ve been looking at the war in iraq in a different way. It seems to me that from the founding of this country all the way up to every single international action the US has ever carried out- they have all been for money. The whole persecuted pilgrim thing- no, it was really about not wanting to pay taxes to England. Freeing teh slaves? Great way to undermine the economy of the South. WWI, WWII, all those coups in Latin America, Bay of Pigs, Vietnam- when has the United States ever not acted in its own best interests? If you look at history in this way, then Bush is the quintisential American President. And the aghast liberals seem kinda phony. If you read history, you know- this is the U.S. Why are we only now bing so put off? Do we really need just a , more likable face on the horrors of empirialism? Is that what it all boils down to?
    I am a first and foremost a humanist. Democrats, Republicans- its all phony. And as Kundera wrote- anyone who marches in a parade is one boot step away from fascism.
    Just be nice to those nearest you.

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