Police Quiz Child over Baguette Attack

By | February 13, 2008

February 13th, 2008

baguette.jpgA pupil has been arrested for attacking a classmate with a baguette. The 15-year-old attacker was questioned by police after arming himself with the French [bread] stick at a secondary school. The unusual weapon was one of 80 seized by cops from schools in Sussex over the last two years.A 13-year-old was warned by police officers after an assault with a pillow, a 14-year-old attacked another with an egg and a tomato and a 15-year-old was cautioned for common assault using a baguette. One incident involved a 13-year-old armed with a piano stool and a xylophone. Sussex Police, which released the figures following a freedom of information act request, said despite the numbers there was not an issue around weapons in the county’s schools.

Source: The Argus

We must DO something! Ban all objects in schools!

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