Police pull over Batman in Batmobile for wrong number plates

By | March 27, 2012

Police officers question Batman impersonator Lenny B. Robinson

Montgomery County Captain Paul Stark said: “An officer on routine patrol saw a Lamborghini with the rear plate – it was the Batman symbol for the show.”.

“He pulled him over and said, “what’s going on?”The car was registered, and the man explained that he goes to hospitals and does work with kids.”

The officers let Mr Robinson go with a warning, but not before they snapped a few photos of him for their Facebook and Twitter pages. Mr Robinson is known in his community for his work cheering up poorly children.

Captain Stark said: “They had a discussion about the law, and he let him fly so to speak.”

via Holy cop conundrum! Police pull over Batman in his Batmobile for having wrong number plates – Mirror Online.

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