Police: Man arrested in Mumbai probe is cop

By | December 6, 2008

Police: Man arrested in Mumbai probe is cop

One of the two men arrested for illegally buying mobile phone cards used by gunmen in the Mumbai attacks is a counter-insurgency police officer who may have been on an undercover mission, security officials said Saturday.

The officials in Indian Kashmir demanded that police in Calcutta, where the suspect is being held, arrange for his quick release.

Only two people have been arrested since the end of the bloody siege that killed 171 people. Indian officials have blamed the attacks on Pakistani extremists.

A senior police official in Indian Kashmir said one of them, Mukhtar Ahmed, is part of a semiofficial counter-insurgency network whose members are usually former Kashmiri militants.

Calcutta police have been told Ahmed is “our man and it’s now up to them how to facilitate his release,” said the officer, who spoke on condition of anonymity due to the sensitivity of the information.

The Calcutta police denied that. “This is not true,” said Rajeev Kumar, a top Calcutta police official. … – ap

Interesting. Is he really an under cover cop? If so, did he get played, or is he part of an inside job?

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