Police force ‘consulted warlock over horse plaiting’

By | December 9, 2009

I have no idea what most of this article is saying.  I thought at first that aliens, bored with crop circles, might be leaving a new kind of sign. What is  plaiting? Ah, plaiting is just braiding.

Police 2A police force has consulted a “warlock” in an attempt to unravel a spate of mysterious incidents of horses having their manes plaited.

Owners in west Dorset and the surrounding counties had believed that thieves plaited the manes of the beasts to identify which ones to steal when they returned at night.

But police officers investigating the incidents said there had been no thefts, and instead their enquiries led to the world of pagan ritual.

It is now believed that the practice is a part of white witch “knot magick” that is used when a spell is cast.

It seems those responsible to go extreme lengths at night to carry out their plaiting as horses have had their manes knotted on nights of high wind and rain.

And some of those targeted have been in fields surrounded by electric fences, miles from anywhere.

It is not known exactly how many horses have been targeted but at least a dozen are known to have had the treatment.

Horse owner Harriet Laurie from Bridport in Dorset, a member of the Shipton Riding Club, said: “I’m not really sure what is going on.

“Among horsey folk there is divided opinion. Some people believe it is just the wind that blows the mane into sort of plaits.

“But when one of my horse’s manes was plaited it took me some time to unpick and the wind had whipped it into a sort of dreadlock, but underneath was a three strands neatly plaited.

“It is most bizarre and one horse that was done is very hard to catch and very flighty and was wearing a full rug. The plait was down by the withers so it’s hard to see how the wind could have done it.

via Police force ‘consulted warlock over horse plaiting’ – Telegraph.

Here is something interesting regarding “knot magick”:

Knot magick is simple, portable, and unobtrusive. Braids and knotted cords can be worn as bracelets or necklaces, carried in pockets, tucked under a pillow, or hung over a door. They can be burned or buried with little mess. And best of all, they are not immediately noticed by non-Pagans, and you can find information on new/old styles and forms without having to visit an esoteric shop. – eirsinitiate

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