Police: FEMA Inspector Assaults Flood Zone Resident

By | June 29, 2008

Years before 9/11, I read that FEMA is a secret government, that it runs secret underground bases, that presidential executive orders will permit it to take over the US in the event of a major emergency. I’ve seen freaky reports of empty FEMA prison camps in perhaps every state and ominous white transporter train cars… but so far, FEMA just helps people, or tries to. Perhaps FEMA’s true power is understood only by some of its members? Or perhaps the conspiracy stuff is paranoid nonsense. In either case, this was an unusual story:

According to police a contracted FEMA housing inspector nearly hit a Penford Products employee with his car and then got out of the car slamming the man with a golf club. FEMA housing inspector Vincent Koley, 74, was charged with assault with a dangerous weapon after the 11:30 a.m. incident, the Cedar Rapids Police Department reported.

Koley stopped the car and jumped out, police said. Tom Kramer told him to slow down and that he was in the cross walk. Koley replied that “he didn’t have to slow down, he was with FEMA,” police said. The two argued for a minute, and when Kramer turned to walk away, Koley took a golf club out of his car and struck Kramer across the arm, breaking the golf club.

Koley got back into his car, but numerous Penford employees observed the incident and surrounded the car so Koley couldn’t leave, police said. Koley then began to nudge his car forward, forcing Kramer, who was in front of the car, onto the car’s hood.

Koley was booked into the Jones County Jail. He is an employee of Alltech, Inc., a Herndon, Va., housing inspection company contracted with FEMA. Alltech has provided housing inspection services in emergency or disaster areas to FEMA since 1995, according to the firm’s Web site. – wtam

“Rather than have an army of housing inspectors on the government payroll year-round, FEMA pays two private companies to train and hire inspectors: Alltech Inc. of Herndon, Va.; and Partnership for Response and Recovery, or PaRR Inspections, of Fairfax, Va.” [1]

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