Plug-in Kit for Your Hybrid Electric Vehicle

By | March 23, 2008

phev02.jpgHymotion PHEV system can average more than 100 miles per gallon. And if used only for short trips, 500 miles per gallon is possible. At 100 mpg, it could cost the equivalent of only 75 cents a gallon to operate and it needed to go to a gas station only every other month.

A production hybrid gets about double the fuel economy of a conventional car; A Hymotion Plug-in hybrid will get about again double the fuel economy of a hybrid. While conventional Hybrid obtains its energy from gasoline, the Hymotion PHEV acquires most of its energy from the electric grid during off peak hours. …

Hymotion’s Battery Range Extender Modules (BREMs) convert Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEVs) into Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles (PHEV) with 100+mpg fuel efficiency and the power to fight climate change. The advantages of Hymotion’s BREM PHEV conversions include better fuel economy, fewer visits to gas station, lower fuel costs, less pollution and a significantly longer all-electric drive range — the solution for spiking gas prices, CO2 emissions and dependence on imported oil.

No factory parts or components will be replaced or taken out of the vehicle, the plug-and-play PHEV system engineered by Hymotion can boost the electric capacity of a vehicle by 7 times, making the extra range for all electric “stealth” mode. And since the whole system, which includes the smart charger, power electronic and battery, is smaller and lighter than factory NiMh battery box. This is made possible by A123Systems’ proprietary Nanophosphate™ lithium ion battery technology that Hymotion employs in their plug-and-play PHEV system, and does not require a trunk full of batteries to achieve such efficiency and performance. …

Hymotion’s BREM PHEV system is not only small and lightweight, but also powerful and long-lasting. The system charges from the engine and braking system while driving, and from the power grid when the vehicle is parked and plugged in. Plug your converted hybrid in to a 120V outlet in the garage overnight and use the surplus electricity generated by power plants at night. The overnight charge will only cost an average of 75 cents for 50 extra miles.

Hymotion currently has systems available for the Toyota Prius. … Individual conversion modules will be available in early 2008. To sign up to receive notice when our BREMs become available, please fill out our Hymotion BREM Request Form. – hymotion

For the record, a new 2008 Toyota Prius gets 39.8 MPG the way I drive. I can get 100 MPG if I drive down hill both ways.  I’ve discovered that there are certain roads (rubberized asphalt?) where I get 75 MPG both ways.

3 thoughts on “Plug-in Kit for Your Hybrid Electric Vehicle

  1. theadlerian

    It has been my life’s goal to not own a home and stay in a city. Thus, I have no place to plug a car in.

    How can these cars work when tens of millions live in place where they don’t have a garage?

  2. cage

    There is a technology where electrical power can be beamed across a room. I think if phevs became popular it could be possible to one day tune your phev to a frequency transmitted by a base station in your apartment. Until then maybe apartment buildings could have reserved spots with charging units for those with phevs. Parking spots at work could have such units too.

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