Please excuse my French

By | December 9, 2006

Please excuse my French

I’ve learned that “Les Slip De Vol” (the name of the show I’m working on) actually translates to “The slipway of flight” or perhaps “the men’s underwear of flight”. This is not the intended meaning. To get closer to this intended meaning ( “The panties are flying!” ) in actual French, I think the title of the show should be “Les culottes volent!” … but if tickets are already printed with “Les Slip De Vol”…. Ah well, c’est la vie. Burlesque means absurd, after all.

For my part of the show, I suppose I should learn a few basic French phrases. Since I’ve been to Paris, this should be no problem. Ha ha. Here’s a phrase which sounds easy … until I try to pronounce it myself:

“un spectacle de vari?t?” = a variety show. Hear correctly it here.

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