Please don’t “Reach out to me”

By | February 1, 2012

Reaching Out – This phrase is probably most annoying because it seems no one calls or emails anymore, they just reach out – its usage has certainly exploded. The image of someone reaching out to us is more than a little creepy, and yet more and more of our colleagues tell us they are “reaching out” to us – we’d prefer they just email. The AskTheManager replacement phrase leaders should use: Contact.

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4 thoughts on “Please don’t “Reach out to me”

  1. Glenn Smith

    All this “reaching out” is gonna make me puke. If those who do the reaching would just get off their stupid asses and DO something… things would be better. Same as people who dont “have the bandwidth” to get something done… yuck…

    1. Xeno Post author

      Thanks for reaching in to me. You may recall that last week I reached under you. I will reach around to you tomorrow if I can’t reach between you today.

  2. licky

    I would prefer if you would just touch in to me instead. I don’t have the bandwidth for any more reaching out. Maybe reaching in, but let’s touch in on that tomorrow.

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