Physical Strength, Fighting Ability Revealed In Human Faces

By | October 28, 2008

For our ancestors, misjudging the physical strength of a would-be opponent might have resulted in painful –– and potentially deadly –– defeat. Now, a study conducted by a team of scientists at the University of California, Santa Barbara has found that a mechanism exists within the human brain that enables people to determine with uncanny accuracy the fighting ability of men around them by honing in on their upper body strength. What’s more, that assessment can be made even when everything but the men’s faces are obscured from view. … The study consisted of four sections, each of which asked the test subjects to assess the physical strength of individuals based on photographs of their faces, their bodies, or both. Subjects were asked to rank the physical strength or fighting ability of the people in the photographs on a scale of one to seven. When the photographs depicted men whose strength had been measured precisely on weight-lifting machines, the researchers found an almost perfect correlation between perceptions of fighting ability and perceptions of strength. – scidaily

Check out this program (Windows) called FACES 4.0. You can download a demo and create your own mug shots.  See if you can make a guy who would be stronger than this:

Some people think intelligence can also be judged from faces because attractiveness, which is cross-culturally agreed upon, is correlated with intelligence.

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