Phone a frenzy for stroke victim

By | March 15, 2010

Phone a frenzy for stroke victim

VULNERABLE David Stopher can’t stop buying mobiles – after a stroke left him unable to tell salesmen No.

He now has TEN phones even though he only uses one.

The stroke changed David’s personality, making it easy to persuade him to sign for services he does not want.

Bachelor David, 59 – left £2,700 in debt by mobile contracts – suspects salesmen passed his details to colleagues when they realised he was a soft touch.

He said: “After the stroke I was flooded with sales calls. It got to the stage where I dreaded the phone ringing.” Former IT trainer David, of Wallsend, Tyneside, was also partially paralysed by the stroke three years ago.

His brother John said: “Some of David’s behavioural patterns changed.

“He cannot say no to persistent calls. We discovered he was paying monthly contracts on ten phones.” Six contracts were with mobile operator 3 – which has refunded David’s money and promised to stop sales staff calling him. A spokesman said: “We are looking into this.” …

via Phone a frenzy for stroke victim David Stopher | The Sun |News.

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