Xeno’s Perfect Pitch Course, Exercise 1.

By | April 3, 2006

Xenos Perfect Pitch Course Exercise 1

This is keeping me busy muscially. ( This also why I’m not currently adding new songs or playing shows right now. ) I’ve set a goal for myself: be able to sing any note out of the blue and identify instantly any note that is played. That’s perfect pitch. Learning perfect relative pitch comes first. Relative pitch is the ability to sing any note when given any other. Different musicians will be at different stages with this ability. My course is primarily for guitar players who also sing.

Exercise 1. Learn to sing the open strings of the guitar in the following sequence. Tune your guitar with a good tuner. If you don’t have a tuner and your computer has a mic, you can use this free program:

Guitar Tuner 1.0
Audio Phonics Guitar Tuner is the fastest and most accurate guitar tuner available. Using proprietary pitch recognition technology, the program can find the note quickly and identify the correct octave. The recognition technology also adapts to the speed of the processor for the smoothest tracking of any tuner. The program is easy to use, good looking and best of all it’s free.

When I’m not around a computer, I use a Sabine STX1100 Chromatic Digital Guitar Tuner. After your guitar is in tune, play the open strings and sing along. First: E (low) A D G B E (high), and then back down: E (high) B G D A E (low). Next sing the other notes one at a time, singing first without the guitar and then check on your guitar. Repeat until you get them all correct 5 times in a row going both up and down. Using the program above, you can just sing the notes and you don’t even need a guitar because you can see in realtime how close you are. If you are using the program instead of the guitar, close your eyes and sing the next note, then open them and see how close you are according to the program.
When you can do this, you are ready to move on to Exercise 2.

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