Pentagon proposes more robust role for its cyber-specialists

By | November 15, 2012

The proposed rules would open the door for U.S. defense officials to act outside the confines of military-related computer networks to try to combat cyberattacks on private computers, including those in foreign countries.

In establishing the new regulations, officials have sought to overcome concerns that action in another country’s networks could violate international law, upset allies or result in unintended consequences, such as the disruption of civilian networks.

The Pentagon, in consultation with the White House and other agencies, has developed strict conditions governing when military cyber-specialists could take action outside U.S. networks. Some officials said these conditions are so stringent that the new capability to go outside military boundaries might never be used.

Pentagon and other officials say such military action is meant to be taken only in extreme emergencies and with great care. …

via Pentagon proposes more robust role for its cyber-specialists – The Washington Post.

Possible translation: The US military has hacked or will hack your computer and every other computer on earth. They may place you inside a safety bubble to prevent you from leaking information. Like, I might have a blog showing 5,000 visitors per day, right? Or do I? Only a few or none of those might be real people. The rest could be military grade artificial intelligence bots designed comment in what seems to be an interactive human way. How many of you people commenting have I actually met? Only a handful. Although I do encounter random people who tell me they read this blog… hmm…

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