Pandora makes me need an iPhone mute button

By | March 26, 2013

20130326-011416.jpgI shouldn’t complain because its free music and Pandora has to support itself somehow, but I hate ads so much that I find myself quitting the app and moving on to some other form of entertainment when the ads start. If I start Pandora later, no ads for a few more songs.

Looking for an instant mute button I did find the button on my iPhone headset microphone that will instantly turn on and off your purchased music.

Currently I have Collin Hay’s solo acoustic album (singer from the band Men at Work) on deck.

A cool discovery is that the microphone button does work to pause Pandora. You can also turn down pandora’s volume step by step with the side of the button during commercial or just pull out your earbuds for a few minutes. Siri can start Pandora for me, but as much as Siri would like to, she can’t close apps.

Kurt Nilson’s version of Tal Bachman’s “High Above me” is enjoyable, though I like the original just a wee bit more. And now the commercial arrives… the pause button stops it fast. I only had to hear four words… But is it waiting there for me to unpause it? Yes, and switching channels just brings up a different ad. So, I’m back to quitting the app, back to commercial free Collin Hay… whom I discovered on Pandora.

And then back to Pandora. From my Jason Mraz channel Alexi Murdoch’s “All My Days” is teaching me some lessons about songs tonight. Great mix, great performance, great song.

I listen to this then my own music and with a competitive smile I realize that I’m not there yet, not where I want to be yet. I’ll get there. “Even breathing feels alright.” Great line.

Pandora, I don’t want to buy something right now. Really. I’m immune to ads. If you spam me, I will remember that and AVOID your product in the future. The loud volume and high frequency of your messages does not work, it just annoys me. If frequency worked, I would be 100% convinced right now that some Nigerian banker wants to give me a grabizullion “dollars US”.

I’ve never purchased a single thing I’ve heard about on a radio ad, not once in my whole life. If you’d just accept that and let me opt out, I’d hear more music and buy more Music.

You know, the record companies should pay You, Pandora, to play their artists for people like me who are shopping for music (not cars) with a music app.

Unwanted ads are, to me, an infection. When I want to shop, I want details that matter summarized, I want to compare apples to apples, to see the pros and cons of choices, to see real reviews. I want every option in the world at my fingertips. Google Shopping was great until they started taking paid ads that are deceptive.

Damn, that Acura ad is back. I quit Spamdora again and I promise to never buy an Acura. I have a Prius and I want a Tesla. Please tell Acura that so they can leave me alone. Give me one of those thumbs down buttons for the ads. I’m serious, your advertisers would love to know how hated their ads are and eventually why… So allow one line comments as payment to them to remove their ad from your phone.

Acura.. A cure for what? Accurate is not exciting.

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