Palm Frond-Wielding Man Tries To Rob Fla. Store

By | June 23, 2008

Palm Frond-Wielding Man Tries To Rob Fla StoreI’m sure it was frightening and serious for the store owner, but it looked pretty funny on the video. Not quite as funny as the thong-on-their-heads robbers, but worth a mention.

A Florida man tried to rob a store on Friday with a palm frond as a weapon, police said. “Give me $50; give me $50,” the man could be heard shouting on the store’s surveillance video.The strange robbery attempt happened in DeLand, Fla., which is in Volusia County. According to police, the man threatened to stab the store’s clerk with the frond if he didn’t give up the cash.However, that didn’t scare the employee, who kicked the man out of the store with a stepstool. – wpbf

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