By | December 15, 2009

I appreciate you reading this blog, so I’m giving this little tip:  The price of palladium just went down, so I’m going to buy more. Still a great time to buy.  I just checked: If I now sold what I bought four months ago, I’d have made over $800, that’s an extra $200 per month, buying palladium. Past performance is no guarantee of future success as they say, but see my other posts for reasons to buy.

Look carefully at the odd years on the 5 year Palladium price chart. If Dec 09 mirrors Dec 07, or Dec 05, we could be headed for a huge spike.

Update Dec 16: I’m buying coins, not the raw metal.

3 thoughts on “Palladium

  1. Danny

    Have you sold Palladium before? One of the downsides I’ve heard about owning palladium is selling it because most people have a hard time recognizing authentic palladium. Just curious, Thanks.

    1. Xeno Post author

      If you are buying platinum, be sure you don’t get palladium! Hopefully no one would buy cheaper palladium and try to sell it to some unsuspecting suckers as platinum. I got the Canadian 1 oz maple leaf coins. I haven’t sold any of my coins yet because I’m waiting until the potential spike in Jan-Feb 2010, but they are very easy to recognize.

      1. Danny

        Ah, I see. Then that is probably the way to go. I guess buying maple leaves and american eagles are a safe bet as far as easy authentication goes, even though there is a slight premium you have to pay above spot for them. I was a slight bit concerned when you posted that pic of raw palladium. That is why I brought up the issue. Wish I was at a point I could re-invest in PMs. But I do have a nice hefty gain with my gold and silver due to that recent spike. I suppose that is good and bad news. To be honest I’d be okay without PMs raising in value, that usually just means a weakening dollar and potential turmoil. Well its a mixed blessing I suppose. That’s why I buy.

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