Pair rescued in Bermuda Triangle

By | February 24, 2009

Stuart Armstrong and Andrea Davison A man from Greater Manchester has spoken about being rescued near the Bermuda Triangle after being lost at sea for 40 days.

Stuart Armstrong, 51, from Stockport and his partner Andrea Davison, 48, from Newcastle, got into difficulty when their yacht’s rudder broke.

The couple had set off from the Cape Verde Islands and were 1,200 miles from their destination in Antigua.

Mr Armstrong said: “This has not put us off, we are looking to sail again.”

Mr Armstrong and Miss Davison were stranded because the fault meant the vessel would only move in circles.

Mr Armstrong added: “We spent the next 40 days dragging things from one side of the boat to the other and using makeshift rudders.

“We were rescued on the last day of our food and drink supplies, but we don’t have a scratch or a bruise on us.”

After experiencing some terrible weather conditions the couple managed to raise the alarm with the US coastguards who contacted an Italian tanker to help them.

Mr Armstrong said the most dangerous part was the rescue itself on 18 February – when the 600ft Indian Point drew up along side their 40ft yacht.

The tanker, with the couple on board, is expected to dock in Amsterdam on Sunday.

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