Over 90% Emails Are Spam & Malware

By | February 1, 2009

Getting spam email in your inbox is everyone’s daily headache. What we did not realize till now is the magnitude of the problem. Panda Security analyzed over 430 million email messages in 2008 and the results were scary.

Out of all the email messages analyzed, 89.88% turned out to be spam and 1.11% were infected with some type of malware. In the last three months of the year, 301,000 zombie computers were activated and used for distributing spam

“For companies, spam is more than just a nuisance: It consumes bandwidth, wastes employees’ time and can even cause system malfunctions. In the end, it all results in a loss of productivity,” Luis Corrons, technical director of PandaLabs.

Much of this spam was circulated by the extensive network of zombie computers controlled by cyber-crooks. A zombie is a computer infected by a bot, a type of malware allowing cyber criminals to control infected systems. Frequently, these computers are used as a network to drive malicious actions such as the sending of spam. Just in the last three months of the year, 301,000 zombie computers were being put into action every day.Sexual enhancements, pharmacy are among favorite subjects

With respect to the different types of spam in circulation, 32.25% of spam in 2008 was related to pharmaceutical products with sexual performance enhancers accounting for 20.5%.

Spam relating to the economic situation also grew significantly throughout 2008. False job offers and fraudulent diplomas accounted for 2.75% of all junk mail in the year, while messages promoting mortgages and fake loans were responsible for 4.75%.

Spam promoting fake brand products was responsible for 16.75% of the total. This last category nevertheless, dropped from 21% in the first half of the year to 12.5% in the last six months.

Source: CXOToday

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Treat spammers as cyber terrorists and clean them up. The FBI could do that, I think, if they were directed to.

4 thoughts on “Over 90% Emails Are Spam & Malware

  1. Seth Eden

    If everyone who got spam reported their spam to the Federal Trade Commission, the Federal Communications Commission and SpamCop.net then we wouldn’t have any more spam problems. Furthermore it is possible to take the SpamCop report and break it down by looking at the actual domain it was sent from, and more importantly the domain name of the website that it is linking to. These can be reported to the ISPs and DNSs involved and the administrators will do something about it. Also the lawyers at Spamcop, the FCC and FTC are both actively involved in tracing and anti-spam activities. Report the spam and fight back!

  2. Xeno Post author

    Essentially, yes, but there is another layer or two because the spammers, using viruses, control bots which do the actual sending of the spam from infected computers and in the contents of the spam they may send valid web addresses of businesses which were not at all involved in the spamming. Smoke screens.

    Still if you look at http://www.spamhaus.org/ “100 Known Spam Operations responsible for 80% of your spam.” How can that be true unless they are being protected?

  3. Seth Eden

    Yes your right, and reporting it within the first hour or two after the spam was sent lets the tech guys at Spamcop do a full trace and find the bot-net responsible. The more spam reports they get the better legal case they can build against the bot-net, also the better trace they can get on the bot-net command and control which lets them take action.

  4. Xeno Post author

    I got an account and even some customization done on a form so I could report every single spam to spamcop. I did that for several months, perhaps half a year, but it took time every day and the amount of spam went up over time instead of down. Why are those 100 top spammers still spamming? After Bush’s Can Spam Act passed, I think the FBI considered bulk commercial email a legitimate business, not an attack on our IT resources across the nation. Perhaps under a new administration things will change. I hope. It would help the economy and increase our productivity to take these jokers off line.

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