Over 4.8 million in CA vote to not know if they are being poisoned

By | November 7, 2012

Who would want to be kept in the dark about what they are eating? I can’t believe it.

With only 14.0% ( 3,426 of 24,491 ) California precincts partially reporting as of November 6, 2012, 8:54 p.m, proposition 37 to label GMO foods is losing.

Hey you ignorant millions, remember your vote when you are dying of cancer or kidney or liver damage that is the result of your body not being able to adapt to GMO foods.

(A recent long term study found “severe adverse health effects including mammary tumors and kidney and liver damage, leading to premature death” in rats that ate GMO corn.)

Here are the election results. I’m watching with great annoyance and updating this table as new numbers are coming in.

Proposition For % For Against % Against
Genetically Engineered Foods Labeling 1,482,753 41.6% 2,077,672 58.4%
Genetically Engineered Foods Labeling 1,596,593 42.4% 2,173,249 57.6%
Genetically Engineered Foods Labeling 1,625,213 42.4% 2,207,233 57.6%
Genetically Engineered Foods Labeling 1,655,010 42.5% 2,237,866 57.5%
Genetically Engineered Foods Labeling 1,723,911 42.7% 2,311,783 57.3%
Genetically Engineered Foods Labeling 1,836,401 43.0% 2,433,935 57.0%
Genetically Engineered Foods Labeling 4,260,123 47.0% 4,809,628 53.0%

Californians also want to keep wasting money on state sanctioned murder (the death penalty), last night it looked like they also voted to get stupider and to destroy the State economy further by not funding education…

But, with 98.5% of CA votes now tallied as of 7:30am this morning prop 30 looks like a Yes! Funding higher education puts more money back into the state, so this is great!!

Obama won the presidential election, and the military industrial overlords will thus continue to rob you blind. It would have been the same story if Romney won. Regular readers know how I feel about Obama not closing Guantanamo, his drone murders of innocent people, and failing to uphold his oath to the constitution by approving endless detention without a trial.

Candidate Popular vote Percentage Electoral votes (270 to win)
Barack Obama 53731483 50% 303
Mitt Romney 53018749 49% 203

Back to Proposition 37

For you who voted against GMO labeling here are some pictures of rats that ate the GMO corn:

Did you just vote for big tumors on your head?

7 thoughts on “Over 4.8 million in CA vote to not know if they are being poisoned

  1. posey1

    I love your post. It is telling it like it is and no spinning. What’s the matter with people. I agree, I think they need to get sick before they care.

    Well people, sometimes then it is too late. NOW is the time to do something. NOT when/after you get some God forsaken disease the world doesn’t even know is lurking out there, and believe me, they AREout there just waiting to erupt. Some are probably in your bodies already, just waiting for the right condition of your bioterrain to take over.

    We need to know what we are eating!

    If you went to Africa and they gave you something foreign to you to eat, but they eat it all the time, that you wouldn’t be so quick to put in your mouth. Well why don’t you worry about all the splicing, dicing, chopping, and mixing going on with out food. These things I just mentioned is Genetically Modifying or Bioengeneering our food. Would you ask people over for some Organisms for dinner? I don’t think so but that is what is being done. Just the word organisms gives me the heebee jeebees.

    Please , please, let’s do domething about this. We just had an election. Well don’t forget, these people elected work for us. Thay are paid by OUR taxes. e have the rights. Let us use those rights with integrity. They are there for the taking. We have RIGHTS!

    1. SidHumanist

      Xeno, from what I’ve read the facts just don’t support the paranoia.
      As a non-scientist I count on scientists for an objective analysis of all the data. Not a knee-jerk and selective reading of heavily discredited research. I deplore corporate control of agriculture and oppression through resource monopolisation.
      But please, take a breather and be a voice of a reason.

      1. Xeno Post author

        What studies you have read? Who funded them? To the best of my knowledge all of the published data on GMO safety is from short term studies, with the diseased rodents on this page coming from the only long term data published. The studies that show no effect are short term. What other 2 year study of rats fed GMOs have you seen?

        Imagine I own the patent on “falling” and hire several independent labs to drop rats, to test the safety of falling. I do 200 studies dropping rats from 2 inches, 5 inches, 2.6 inches, and so on. No problems! Then I have well paid scientists drop rats from airplanes, but I stipulate that the time of the experiments shall be 5 seconds and no more. After 5 seconds the rats are all still alive. No problems! Then I publish and hammer into the public consciousness with millions of ad dollars and lobbyists the fact that no study has ever supported the paranoia about falling from any distance.

        Hopefully, you would use common sense and ignore the propaganda about all falling being harmless.

        DNA from GMOs you eat incorporates into the microflora in your gut and into your own DNA turning your own cells into pesticide producers. When that happens you get “mysterious” autoimmune conditions where the body attacks its own cells, seemingly for no reason. Autoimmunity is not, then, a malfunction of your body’s defenses. Your body correctly realizes that it has been invaded by foreign genetic material. Your body gets sick and it responds. It actually works and heals you, over and over, but you keep getting sick more and more often, because you keep putting those damned unlabeled GMOs back into your system, poisoning it over and over, eventually destroying your immune system. Your gut is the biggest part of your immune system. It has evolved to cope with many threats, but eventually, your immune system then fails and you get diseases like cancer and you die.

        Most people underestimate the power of money to influence what results get published.

        A scientist nutty enough to end his own industry funding by publishing results which would cost a company billions will not only find himself jobless, but also attacked and discredited, preventing future employment.

        See: http://www.forbes.com/sites/jonentine/2012/09/20/scientists-savage-study-purportedly-showing-health-dangers-of-monsantos-genetically-modified-corn/

        I’ll post rebuttals in a bit to this “savaging” of by scientist’s who feel their sugar daddy is under attack.

        Point 1: “There have been more than 100 peer-reviewed studies over the years—many by independent, non-industry scientists—that have demonstrated the safety of GM crops and food.”

        Correct me if I’m wrong, but the article reviewing those 100+ studies says they only used data from the 90 day studies.

        “We referenced the 90-day studies on GM feed for which long-term or multigenerational study data were available.”

  2. Nathaniel

    How could these people be so incredibly stupid? What is wrong with their brains? Oh right, their brains are all screwed up from eating too many GMO foods!

    1. lbglucalottosphlixo

      “How could these people be so incredibly stupid?…” in most parts of the world (in which most people earn their living by doing “nothing good” to planet Earth and to other Earthlings) you become kind of suspicious to them when you raise some concerns about the consequences of some particular behaviour. So, something must be wrong with you when you think more in favour of a more humble attitude towards the complexity of the (real) world in which we’re living.

      Hence, because not much people really have fun to hang around with ideas that they somehow don’t fit into this (social, socioeconomic) “world”, where they nonetheless have to earn their living, they sooner or later have no other chance than to just stop thinking or being concerned about something that they eventually wouldn’t be able to change anyways.

      For example: Imagine you’re vegan and a strong proponent of animals right (at least in your heart) and you got kids to take care for and the only job that you can (actually) get is at McDonalds (Burger KIng etc.).
      You’re forced to suppress your inner believes at least for your working hours.
      Furthermore if you fell you should become somehow active to protect animals from cruelty etc….you could support some organizations (Peta, HSUS, Merciforanimals etc., in our case of GMO Greenpeace, Organic Consumer Association etc.).
      But guess what would happen to you if they in turn would find out that you’re working for McDonalds (Burger King etc.).
      For them you would also become inevitably suspicious and for you, it would become a quite difficult task to explain why you work there and feel that to anyone (including your kids).
      So you got to set back and limit your actions that you feel are right to occasional transfers of money to Peta, HSUS etc. knowing that this money was earned by exactly those that it is supposed to end (btw. in case of success you could even loose your job)

      You think, well let’s find another job…when the economy gets better…but sooner or later you can’t ignore the fact that almost any job is somehow related to the exploitation of the Earth resources, the exploitation of animals or humans, the exploitation of mistakes or non functioning quality (40% of every sales dollar gets “lost” because of low quality -guess who “earns” them) and safety systems (guess how many marine biologists, oceanographers, doctors, engineers etc. earn their living now just BECAUSE of the Deepwater Horizon incident) etc. etc. .
      Well, to avoid that mess you just fade out what’s deep in your heart, since you can’t feed either yourself from it nor your kids.

      You have to, otherwise you get sick -and then? Who’s going to take care for your kids. You stick to those who make your live easier (Monsanto, DuPont, AMA etc.) who tell you that there’s nothing to those fear mongers…and you believe them when they tell you that is even not necessary for you to know what you’re eating since they already checked it etc., etc. .

      Hence, it’s not exactly stupidity, what drives those people to make that choice…it’s more helplessness and dependency on their societal relationships.
      They even got that clueless that they even forgot about reading the Constitution…(yes,yes Ron Paul…)
      Though I’m not American, I am super certain that US citizens have every right to know what’s in their food (and if it’s not explicitly stated there) it is surely not that difficult to derive it from already existing ones. But it seems even those have already been buried by many (too much?).
      Anyway, it is their choice (to not label), isn’t it?

  3. foghat

    I don’t feel too bad at the moment having just ate an Underserved Conservative California Crap sandwich. My family has lived in California since the 1850’s. I may have to move to Idaho just so I can flip you all the flying fickle finger of fate coated with GMO sauce. You bought your Depends. Now live in them.

    1. Xeno Post author

      Foghat rocks. Used to love that band. Uh, yeah, some people will eat things that taste good that will kill them later. That’s a personal choice, like smoking. But the other 47% prefer a long lived healthy body in this life, and that GMO covered flipped finger will be on a skeleton hand while they are still having fun playing bingo on a year-long cruise to mars and back.

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