Tonight I shook hands with Sir Patrick Stewart

By | January 17, 2010

I’m having a really great year in 2010. I bowled the best game in my life, then the next night, tonight, I got to shake hands with the actor who played “Captain Picard” of the Starship Enterprise. This was a real treat as I’m a long time fan of the Star Trek series and later a fan of the X-men movies.

I just ended up sitting close to Stewart in the theater during the film preceding his and when he seemed unbusy during the break, introduced myself and thanked him for many years of inspiration.

Coincidentally, I’d seen Stewart in person 20 years ago in Sacramento at a Star Trek convention right after my first hang gliding lesson… then tonight, I was seeing him right before a film which included a lot of hang gliding.

This can only mean one thing: in the year 2030 I’ll see him speak at a film about bowling.

Anyway, the main feature, Nature Propelled, which Stewart narrated, was a fun film with a good message co-mingled with some great outdoor sports adventures. The message seemed to me to be: The earth is ready to give us all the energy we need if we find new ways to harness it.

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The film before it was great as well, and very inspiring. It was about an amazing family who figured out how to grow most of their own organic food in their small yard in the city of Los Angeles. Check out The family staring in the film was also present and my girlfriend Lulu enjoyed talking to the youngest daughter about their mutual love of goats. ( I’m a Capricorn, so the goat is my astrological animal. Funny how the mind relates everything back to itself, perhaps to anchor memories.)

Photo: Historic Nevada Theatre, the oldest continually operating theatre in California, where Mark Twain once spoke, about 4:15 pm.

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