Our garden was buzzed by a UFO!

By | July 30, 2008

BOB and Christine Bird were enjoying a lazy summer evening in their garden when they claim a UFO swooped low over their bungalow.

The astonished South Molton grandparents, their daughter and son-in-law and grandchildren, had been sitting in the back garden for about an hour before they spotted the “orange blob” slowly moving towards them at around 10pm on Saturday night.

“It started to slow down above us and it wasn’t that high up, at least it didn’t seem like it,” Christine, 57, told the Gazette.

“As it began to move over the house, my husband went indoors to get his camera. My daughter and I went to the front door and suddenly this ‘thing’ started to move.

“It went up at about a 40-degree angle and shot straight into the sky so fast. It was still quite light and you could actually see the orange colour getting smaller before it disappeared among the stars.

“Even now, what we all witnessed is so hard to believe that we can’t stop thinking and talking about it. – ndg

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