Original Edison light bulbs to be auctioned

By | December 8, 2006

Original Edison light bulbs to be auctioned

A box containing 23 light bulbs used at the 1890 court case where Thomas Edison defended his patent for the invention is to be auctioned later this month and is expected to fetch up to 300,000 pounds ($600,000).

Christie’s auctioneers said the bulbs disappeared after the tussle over U.S. patent number 223,898, but were discovered by chance in 2002 in the attic of a house in the United States in their original wooden case complete with the original key.

According to Web sites devoted to the U.S. inventor and businessman, the 1890 case between Edison Electric Light Company and United States Electric Light Company was one of the world’s most important technology infringement cases. – msnbc

What they won’t tell you in the above article is that all the original bulbs probably still work. The photo above is a lightbulb which has been working for 100 years. As originally designed, light bulbs never burnt out unless they were dropped and broken. Companies learned how to make them burn out so they could sell more of them. 😉

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