Free Music: Nightfall: A short orchestral sound test by Xeno

By | April 26, 2009

Free Music: Nightfall: A short orchestral sound test by XenoI wrote and recorded an instrumental song today (see nightfall, box left) using some orchestral instruments.

The only real instruments in the recording are my guitars.  I played the oboe, flute, contra bass, bassoon, timpani, concert piano, and pizzicato cellos with my keyboard. In the headphones at least, the instruments sound quite authentic.

After working on this all day about 8 hours, mostly listening and playing around with ideas…  I noticed something strange: My heart beat is synchronized to the 150 beats per minute of this song. Is that healthy? It has probably been going like that for hours. No wonder I’m exhausted. I’ve been racing my heart 150 bpm for 8 hours?!  Ah, no… it is actually synchronized to 1/2 of the beat, 75 beats per minute.

My resting rate after getting away from the song is back down to 66 bpm.

Here is heart rate chart for exercise targets:

Age Target Heart Rate (HR) Zone (60-85%)`
20 120-170 200
25 117-166 195
30 114-162 190
35 111-157 185
40 108-153 180
45 105-149 175
50 102-145 170
55 99-140 165
60 96-136 160
65 93-132 155
70 90-128 150
Your actual values Target HR Max. HR

From Debbielim:

Count the beats you feel for 10 seconds. Multiply this number by six to get your heart rate (pulse) per minute.

Count your pulse: ______________ beats in 10 seconds x 6 = ___________ beats/minute

What is a normal pulse?

Age Group

Normal Heart Rate at Rest

Children (ages 6 – 15)

70 – 100 beats per minute

Adults (age 18 and over)

60 – 100 beats per minute

2 thoughts on “Free Music: Nightfall: A short orchestral sound test by Xeno

  1. James

    Every time I would go to the doctor while I was in highschool the doctor would ask me if I worked out or ran a lot. I would usually just shrug and say that I didn’t get much more exercise than anyone else my age.

    It wasn’t until I went to college and took a fitness and wellness course that I found out my heart rate was well below average – generally it beats in the 40s range but can go as low as 30s while I am sleeping/just waking up or when I am very relaxed. I was the only person in my class with a BPM of less than 60. Right now after waking up my BPM is 37.

    Kind of strange huh! But I think I should consider myself lucky as this doesn’t negatively impact my life and will probably extend my life.

    1. Xeno Post author

      That’s cool. I’ve heard that with training / exercise most people can get their heart rates down, and that is a sign that they are healthy…but you are naturally lucky. My resting rate seems to be 60, so we both might make it to 100 years old.

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