Orange lights sighted by hundreds above Bristol

By | September 17, 2008

UFO researchers were yesterday investigating more than 100 reported sightings of mysterious bright orange lights in the night sky.

Five ‘fireballs’ reportedly danced in the air for ten minutes above Bristol before suddenly vanishing from sight on Sunday. Andrea Grayson told how people flocked into the streets to witness the “amazing display”. She said: “The first four came and seemed to wait for the last. Then they circled several times before disappearing.” Roger Rosamon, of the British UFO Research Association, refused to comment until he had fully investigated. – thesun

Floating lanterns usually don’t wait for eachother  unless there are unusual air currents. But it seems, that’s what they were:

The mystery of the “bright orange lights” in the sky above Bristol on Saturday night has been solved after a reader revealed they were not UFOs at all, but Chinese lanterns.

As reported in yesterday’s Western Daily Press, a number of callers from Westbury-on-Trym to Fishponds rang the newspaper on Sunday saying they had seen the “fireballs” move through the sky between 9.15pm and 10.30pm on Saturday.

Sandra Moss, 51, from Frampton Cotterell, saw them from the Prince of Wales pub in Stoke Lane, Westbury-on-Trym, as she enjoyed a soft drink with friends. She said: “The light was bright orange and seemed to be hovering, then it would drop, disappear and come back.”

Another caller from Fishponds said it had been a clear night until she and her family saw the lights, when it seemed to become somewhat hazy.

More readers contacted the newspaper yesterday, this time through our website .

The lid was finally lifted on the UFO mystery after reader Pete revealed: “I have been reading these articles with a lot of amusement. The so-called UFOs were Chinese lanterns set off by a number of us at my brother’s wedding reception at Stoke Lodge playing fields in Stoke Bishop!” – thisisbristol

4 thoughts on “Orange lights sighted by hundreds above Bristol

  1. jasonross

    i have seen chinese lanterns set off before and belive you me what i saw on friday night and saterday night in the sky above clutton bristol with witnesses was not chinese lanterns
    these balls was bigger brighter and stopped for at least 4 mins still while we watched they then decided to fly off very slowly in formation before disapearing they have came back several times over the weekend and are not lanterns
    i dont care what any body says

    lanterns do not stop and wait for other lanterns fall stop;

  2. christopher moody

    hi i saw the same thing only there were two bright orange dimond shaped objects in the sky they seamed to fly in formation then drop or vanish and then re-apper

  3. TDyl

    June 16th 2010, Bristol, 22:14

    Myself and the better half saw a single glowing orange sphere pass over our roof in Whitchurch and head towards Clevedon from the direction of Oldland Common (we are 51 degrees, 24 minutes and 53 seconds north, 2 degrees 33 minutes and 56 seconds west).

    The object had no vapour or smoke trails, was totally silent and covered about 110degrees of sky arc in about 10 seconds.

    I could not estimate the altitude.

    There were no navigation lights.

    I have tried contacting NATS, Bristol ATC and local papers but no-one has any information or stories of other sightings.


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