Office Romance Gets Contractual

By | May 11, 2008

As a Safeguard, Some Employers Are Asking Employees to Fill Out ‘Love Contracts’

Navigating the workplace can be difficult in itself, but adding a romantic element can make the office landscape more difficult to steer. That’s why some employers are asking employees who date one another to sign so-called love contracts.

“It is documenting the relationship. You need to define the relationship. Is [it] welcome? It is not sex harassment,” explained Stephen Tedesco, an employment lawyer, who said that it is important to make clear that whatever personal conduct has gone on is not harassment.

“It also defines how they are going to conduct themselves in the workplace going forward,” he said.

The issue of workplace romance has become more prevalent with people working longer days and more women in the office. In fact, 82 percent of people said they actually know of a steamy romance between co-workers, according to a 2008 office romance survey. – abc

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