Xeno’s 1 in 300,000 Sunday Driving Coincidence

By | March 10, 2008


Okay, what are the odds of this? My guess is 1 in 300,000.

I’m driving to another city at about 3:10 PM on Sunday in the afternoon to rehearse with my band and I see a sports car with a license plate that says “IM VEGAN”. I drive by and wave because I dated a vegan for several years. (If you don’t know what a vegan is, read about it here.)

We have a nice mellow rehearsal, no time pressure, it is just over when we are done. Then I drive down town and randomly pick a place to eat. Nice mellow dinner, again, I just leave when I’m done, not watching the clock at all.

Odd coincidence
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Then, 5 hours later as I am driving home, I find myself behind the exact same car going in the other direction. Traffic is very thick at this time so this seems really amazing. On I-80 one section carries 300,000 cars per day… and here I am once again, behind the same car.

This happened on the first day I figured out how to upload pictures automatically from my cell phone to my blog. I just happened to take a photo of the car with my cell phone the first time I saw it too.

The second time the people in the car waved back.

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