Octopus sets off flood at aquarium

By | February 27, 2009

Staff at the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium say the trickster who flooded their offices with sea water was armed. Eight-armed, to be exact.

They blame the soaking they discovered Tuesday morning on the aquarium’s resident two-spotted octopus, a tiny female known for being curious and gregarious with visitors. The octopus apparently tugged on a valve and that allowed hundreds of gallons of water to overflow its tank.

Aquarium spokeswoman Randi Parent says no sea life was harmed by the flood, but the brand new, ecologically designed floors might be damaged by the water.

via Octopus sets off flood at aquarium – Weird news- msnbc.com.

I’ve heard that an octopus is smarter than a dog. This person agrees:

A dog I gather learns by trial-and-error, punishment-and-reward, whereas an octopus can observe and analyze, can even understand what abstractly is necessary (e.g., the knob to that door must turn for the door to open) and to apply its own, nonanalogous organs to the task (e.g., you used your hand, I can use my arm). – alt85

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