Occult hit: Witches bucking religion trend

By | April 28, 2009

Occult hit Witches bucking religion trend

While most other major religions lost ground Wiccan — whose members Wiccans sometimes refer to themselves as witches — and other so-called “New Religious movements” grew by more than a million members since the last ARIS survey was published in 2001. They re now an estimated 1.2 percent of the adult population.

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2 thoughts on “Occult hit: Witches bucking religion trend

  1. As Silaaf

    The most despicable people in the sight of Allaah are the disbelievers, blind deaf and dumb…like cattle who only listen to calls and cries…and hear whatever the devils urinate in their ears.

    1. shirophoenix

      Really? This is the 21st century man!! This is why zealots like you make the world a worst place to live in -_- If doctrines like yours and every other doctrine that comes from that ignorant shepherd Abraham’s nonsensical view didnt exist I bet it’d be easier for people to live freely. Thanks to people like you women were burnt in the name of God innocently, children have been killed, women have been stoned to death and the atrocities continue. I do not recognize your religion as something different to Christianity in a whole because it comes from the same place. So Islam is guilty of robbing people their right to pursuit their happiness, their personal happiness as much as Judaism and Christianity have done. How many people have been killed in the name of these people’s belief?! Now whats the body count in the name of your finicky Allah? Your religion is so soaked in blood that it makes me wonder if your people do it for fun or just because they lost their humanity.

      You shouldnt cast the first stone cause your religion is guilty of a lot of suffering. Who do you think you are anyways? You are the dumb one, you are the cattle as cattle just do what the shepherd tells them to do and if it means ruining the life of someone else your totally cool with it! Where is the sense in that?! Zealots like you, be it from whatever religion they may be, are dangerous and you shouldnt even be allowed to use a computer for the peace of mind of open minded people.

      Besides tell me what good your religion has brought to the world because in the history of this beautiful world the only thing that has come from Islam, Judaism and the 1,000 different variations of Christianity is death, ignorance, illiteracy, hunger, corruption, suffering, pestilence, hatred, greed, war, repression, violation of rights of women, lgbt, blacks, natives, etc, rape, plunder and the list goes on!! Now tell me how the hell does a group of pagans or witches can be guiltier than your religion. I mean even Satanists are more peaceful and less busy than your lot!

      I wish time machines existed just so your lot, any fucking zealot of any of these religions, could go back to the Bronze Age where apparently you assholes belong.

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