Obama’s speech to kids causes uproar?

By | September 4, 2009

Obama's speech to kids causes uproar?

by coolteach

There is a lot of speculation about the purpose and/or content of President Obama’s speech next week on Tues, Sept 8th, which is being broadcast on the White House website.

The purpose, as stated, is to discuss the importance of education, staying in school and setting goals.  Republican pundits are claiming the accompanying lesson plan (which is optional to use) with the broadcast (which is optional to show) is somehow slanted to make small children assimulate the ideology of the Democratic party.

I have a link to look at the lesson plan:


Here is a link to the article quoting many people that find this activity suspect.



Mike Reno, a member of the Rochester Board of Education, said the idea behind the message is noble, but the timing is bad because of the politically charged climate. – freep

The president talking to kids and inspiring them is not a bad idea. What’s the problem? Has there ever been a time when our climate was not “politically charged” in one way or another?

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