Obama’s AIPAC Speech.

By | January 19, 2009

This photo is captioned “Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton grab a quick word after speaking at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee summit in Washington DC“.

The Path to the White House

Here is Obama’s AIPAC speech. He kisses some serious booty in this speech. I mean he sounds pretty much like the Neocons. For example, factually, it is a misrepresentation to say that Ahmadinejad denied the Holocaust.  All land is equally “Holy” in my view. No group of people is more human than another.

Why do we give Israel so much money per year?

Total U.S. aid to Israel is approximately one-third of the American foreign-aid budget, even though Israel comprises just .001 percent of the world’s population and already has one of the world’s higher per capita incomes.

I’ve always assumed it is a religious zealot thing, but perhaps the answer is more practical: Maintaining a balance of power which keeps our supply of Middle East oil flowing.  Without Middle East oil, many of our 300 million people will starve to death, after all. Obama will work on energy independence, and then the relationship can change.

Would a fully energy independent America still support Israel? I think so, because, well, follow the billions …

… Matti Peled, former Israeli major general and Knesset member, told Zunes that he and most Israeli generals believe this aid is “little more than an American subsidy to U.S. arms manufacturers,” considering that the majority of military aid to Israel is used to buy weapons from the U.S. Moreover, arms to Israel create more demand for weaponry in Arab states. – wrmea

If you are going to believe a conspiracy exists among the “power elite”, then it would not be correct to believe that Israel is controlling America. Instead, it is as Eisenhower warned and Israel is a tool of our Military Industrial Complex, which actually rules the world.

Tension translates to arms sales. Are there any proven cases where arms dealers have incited distrust between different peoples so they can sell more weapons? I don’t know of any examples, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

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