My Reaction to the Presidential Debates

By | September 27, 2008

People pick their leaders based on who seems to be the top dog, and honestly, overall, I hate to say it, but I thought McCain came out looking a bit stronger. Not wiser. Not more honest. Not more correct. But more of a fighter. McCain showed he knows his history. He has met with foreign leaders and said he has been involved for 20 years in all major US national security decisions. He described himself as a maverick, as someone not liked for some of his decisions. He said he had selected another maverick as his VP.  On that note, Palin does not seem ready to me to be the second in command of the most powerful nation in the world, which shows McCain might make some disastrous mistakes in leading our country.

Obama was excellent at explaining different points of view. He seemed smarter, more diplomatic, and less dogmatic. He showed he supported the working class better. Obama pointed out his own Maverick side in that he opposed the war when it was unpopular and dangerous to do so. He showed he will use force when necessary, but that he would use diplomacy first. More importantly, his energy plan that will create 5 million new jobs for Americans and eliminate the need for oil from the middle east in 10 years.

We’ve had eight years of Republicans. It is time for a change.  Our chances for success as a nation and individually seem much better with him as president.

I’m looking forward to next few debates.

Here is a link to CNN live.

Below is a recent statement from Obama.

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