Obama Pledges Public Works on a Vast Scale – NYTimes.com

By | December 7, 2008

Obama Pledges Public Works on a Vast Scale - NYTimes.comObama Pledges Public Works on a Vast Scale – NYTimes.com.

President-elect Barack Obama promised Saturday to create the largest public works construction program since the inception of the interstate highway system a half century ago as he seeks to put together a plan to resuscitate the reeling economy.

Not a bad start, but we can’t keep building bigger credit bubbles on top of the one that just burst.

3 thoughts on “Obama Pledges Public Works on a Vast Scale – NYTimes.com

  1. walkndude

    my lord.
    there is no ‘collapse’.
    its made up.

    this is NAZI’s to the core.
    you HAVE to wake up people.
    money is NOT freedom.
    control is NOT choice.
    slavery, is NOT equality.

  2. Xeno Post author

    No collapse? Aren’t stock prices in a dive? Isn’t the housing market imploded? Aren’t companies are going under? Isn’t unemployment up dramatically? How more real does it get?

    I thought Nazi’s supporting Obama was absurd at first but checked it out and was surprised to read that the Chairman of the American Nazi Party supported him:

    “White people are faced with either a negro or a total nutter who happens to have a pale face. Personally I’d prefer the negro. – esquire

    Whatever. Racism is willful ignorance. Obama is not “the negro” to me. He’s a guy who seems to have a refreshingly firm sense of reality.

    People who know skin color is irrelevant also voted for Obama. I agree with Clinton more than Obama on the issues, but I’m still hopeful that some new ideas can get us going in the right direction again.

  3. Ann

    Xeno, don’t worry about the first comment.

    It’s just part of the anti-populist noise from the disgruntled far neo-conservative right whose only purpose to obfuscate the the growing politically aware.

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