Obama Meets Bush in Oval Office

By | November 15, 2008


US President-elect Barack Obama paid his first visit to President Bush in the White House in Washington since his election victory.

Soon after they arrived, the two leaders got down to business.

The meeting of the sitting president and the incoming president-elect is a long-standing tradition in American politics.

While neither leader released a statement about the face-to-face meeting, it was widely speculated that they talked about several major issues — including the challenges facing the economy and the transition of power that will take place over the next two months.

The meeting was also Obama’s first visit to the Oval Office.

Democratic strategist Peter Fenn said these types of post-election meetings are generally considered photo-ops.

“This one I think will be quite substantive and they’ll be discussing what can be done in the next couple of months,” Fenn told CTV’s Canada AM on Monday morning.

“Barack Obama said there’s only one president at a time — that’s not exactly true,” Frum told CTV’s Canada AM on Monday. “Power flows incrementally as well dramatically in January and they’re already taking many of the reins of power in their own hands.” – ctv

There is already a transition of power happening.

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