NYC Sidewalk Gag

By | May 25, 2010

A section of the sidewalk along Manhattan's Fifth Avenue, near E22nd Street, is seen partitioned into lanes designated The old phrase “What goes around comes around” is a fairly accepted axiom, but it doesn’t always work for pranks — or for the pranksters.

Recently, an anonymous prankster in New York City decided to express distaste for slow tourists who dawdle on sidewalks by painting a line down the middle of a Fifth Avenue sidewalk between East 22nd and 23rd streets.The result was two lanes of traffic, one marked specifically for locals who need to get somewhere in a New York minute and the other for slowpoke tourists obviously overwhelmed by the bright lights and tall buildings of the Big Apple.

If the pedestrian prank’s purpose was to get publicity, it did the trick. Local and national publications ran photos of the sidewalk, and, presumably, readers got a good chuckle.

But one person isn’t laughing: a man who came up with a similar prank back in 1984 and feels credit should be given where it’s due — to him.

He’s media satirist and conceptual artist Joey Skaggs, who has a 40-year career creating media pranks that are designed to satirize the culture and the laziness of the media at covering big issues of the day.

via Joey Skaggs Unimpressed by NYC Sidewalk Gag – AOL News.

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