Nude man beats car with pigeon

By | July 19, 2006

Nude man beats car with pigeon

Two Whaleyville, Va., residents were stunned when a naked man accosted their car in their driveway and began hitting it with their pet pigeon. The couple had just pulled into their driveway Friday night when Juan Lopez, 30, of Virginia Beach, appeared naked and began striking their car with the bird, the Virginian Pilot reported Tuesday.

They fled to a neighbor’s house and called police who found the suspect in nearby woods. A Suffolk, Va., police spokeswoman told the newspaper Lopez was “obviously having some sort of issues that night.”

He had allegedly gotten into the homeowners’ bird cages that held 15 chickens and four pigeons. Four of the birds were killed. Lopez was charged with burglary, destruction of property and larceny of poultry.? – upi

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