Nuclear town spooked by mysterious bangs

By | August 9, 2008

Nuclear town spooked by mysterious bangs

A Canadian town in Ontario adjacent to a nuclear reactor is abuzz with speculation about what caused several thunderous bangs last week.The blast shook the town of Kincardine, 130 miles northwest of Toronto, around 11 p.m. last Thursday. Ontario Provincial Police Sgt. Paul Bradley told the Kincardine News the 911 emergency system was swamped.

“We had calls about windows rattling and houses shaking,” Bradley said. “It was almost a surreal experience — there were so many calls coming in.”

Many residents were concerned something had gone wrong at the nearby Bruce Power nuclear power plant but officials there said nothing had happened, the Toronto Star reported.

Others speculated it had been sonic booms from a jet but Bradley told the newspaper air traffic controllers said there had been no supersonic craft in the area at the time. Some residents said there was a meteor shower at that time but Bradley said a 12-mile search found nothing.

“We can’t confirm or deny anything. We have no explanation,” Bradley told the Star. – upi

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  1. Lindsey

    Something similar happened to my dad a few months ago. He and my stepmom were sleeping peacefully when they were both suddenly woken by a thunderous, crashing boom, so loud, he says, that he thought the roof had collapsed or something had exploded. But when they tried to find the source of the sound– looking everywhere around the house, even outside– they couldn’t find a single thing out of place.

    The difference is that it was confined to them. The next day they asked the neighbors about it, but none of them heard anything. Which, if it was as loud as dad says, doesn’t make any sense. I’d say it was dream-induced, except that both of them heard it. My dad’s theory is that something in the chimney collapsed (since there are no visible traces of it), but that doesn’t make sense to me. I don’t know.

    They’re still not sure what caused it. As far as I know, they don’t live anywhere near a nuclear plant.

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