North Sea UFO Enhanced: What Is It? (Video)

By | March 12, 2012

A video of the UFO filmed from an airplane over the North Sea has been digitally enhanced, showing the highest quality image yet of a mysterious unidentified flying object whizzing past. What is it?

The original video has been posted before, but this new analysis has the clearest definition yet of the mysterious object caught flying past the plane’s window. It is magnified 6x and freeze-framed as well as visually enhanced to bring out more detail. …

The UFO is like no other aircraft known and barely looks aerodynamic. Yet it is obviously under pilot control as it steers an unswerving course just below the aircraft filming it.

If this is man-made, then the next generation of aircraft will look like flying horseshoe crabs.

via North Sea UFO Enhanced: What Is It? (Video) | Gather.

Hmmm. Wish the wing was in the picture. It does seem to move starting from too far away to be a small part falling off of the wing during a change in the jet’s direction. That was my first guess.

4 thoughts on “North Sea UFO Enhanced: What Is It? (Video)

  1. kevin

    looks like a balloon to me. a plane usually flies a couple hundred miles an hour, if the object is close enough to it then it would zip by pretty fast, especially with the dramatic difference in foreground/background parallax. also note the string hanging from.

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