North Korea warns US it is ready for war

By | October 17, 2006

North Korea warns US it is ready for warA country with a nuke says we have declared war on them. Now Images hint at 2nd N. Korean nuclear test. A nuclear war with North Korea could be Bush’s legacy. Bush’s premptive war policy and “Axis of Evil” comment has made North Korea fear it will be invaded. And so, they’ve now tested their first nuke. The US has pushed for sanctions via the UN. Now the sanctions a declaration of war, says North Korea

And secretly, Bush is all like, “Dude, bring it on. Your nookular is lame. Our nookular is bigger. I’m spending $30b on it. Anyway, we have 300,000 million people now. Your little less than one kiloton, if it even could get through our star wars lasers, would only take out … what? … a few city blocks? Something in Japan? Whatever. We, on the other hand, can flatten your entire population 27 times.

Of course, if North Korea tests an H-bomb the equation would tip a bit.

“North Korea’s 31.5 kg of plutonium, assuming that is all North Korea has to work with, would mean at least 30 H-bombs.? If this is true, one can no longer pooh pooh North Korea’s 1-2 ‘primitive’ nukes.? North Korea’s 30 or so H-bombs can do serious damage to Japan and the United States.”? – kims

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