North Dakota’s real-life Jed Clampett

By | August 7, 2008

Herb Geving unleashes a broad smile in his 11,000-square-foot mansion. The former cattleman, farmer and owner of a North Dakota garbage business is now retired, able to count the dollar signs brought in by three oil wells.

“Oil,” he says, “it’s amazing. You don’t have to work at all. You just walk to the mailbox and there it is.” The 74-year-old grandfather receives whopping checks at the end of every month for the oil. He’ll never forget the time the first check came in January. “Thousands, I guess you’d call it,” he says. Geving chuckles when asked if it was for $2,000. Was it closer to $10,000?

“You can keep going up and up and up,” he says from his home, decked out with a massive fire pit in the living room, semi-circular leather couch and bright orange shag carpet. He had worked on the home for more than 40 years. Now, he’s expanding it — just because he can. – cnn

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