NORAD defense post fate iffy. 4,600 UFOs tracked.

By | April 14, 2006

NORAD defense post fate iffy 4600 UFOs tracked

Cheyenne Mountain – Thousands of feet under granite in a command post built to withstand Soviet nuclear blasts, … crews … for nearly 50 years have scanned North American skies guarding against enemy intruders.

But today, with the emergence of Northern Command, a separate, newer command post carries out much of the same surveillance, with access to all the same data. That post lies northeast of Cheyenne Mountain at Peterson Air Force Base, where the Central Intelligence Agency, FBI, National Security Agency, Defense Intelligence Agency and others have offices. … U.S. officials estimated that NORAD operations cost $350 million a year.

Inside the Cheyenne Mountain post, commanders described how surveillance crews today have access to Federal Aviation Administration radar data for tracking about 11,000 flights at a time inside U.S. airspace – they regularly hear cabin conversations – in addition to scanning airspace outside the U.S.” – dpost

Also inside…

“… 1st Space Control Squadron (SPCS) of the U.S. Air Force Space Command, which operates the Space Control Center (SCC) inside Cheyenne Mountain Operations Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

The squadron is charged with detecting, tracking, identifying and cataloging all manmade objects orbiting Earth larger than 10 centimeters (4 inches) long. …
Thurston said the squadron is tracking 13,400 objects, of which 8,800 are cataloged, meaning that the squadron has associated them with a specific launch. The other 4,600 are awaiting identification.” – CNN

Check out the conspiracy angle on NORAD regarding 9/11. Some interesting reading.

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